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Local History

Abandoned car on Corry Road near Fork Lake in the Highlands, Victoria, BC.

The lakes of southern Vancouver Island are a gateway to the island’s logging history.

Vancouver Island is full of magical places to explore – and learning about their history, how these places came to be, only makes them more fascinating.

On the trail at Matheson Lake.

The history of Matheson Lake reveals some clues as to how it got it’s unique shape.

From understanding how Matheson Lake got its unique shape, to knowing about the hotel that used to sit at Swan Lake, or how Glinz Lake became the property of the YMCA, the more you learn about Vancouver Island’s lakes the more you’ll enjoy your time there.

The Secret Lakes of Southern Vancouver Island Guidebook was written with significant research into the history of each of the 25 lakes that it covers.  In the book you’ll find fascinating stories like the one about piano at the bottom of Florence Lake, how Quarantine Lake got its name, or who Prior Lake was named after.

Anyone that loves Vancouver Island will enjoy the local history included in the book.


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Victoria, Sooke & Saanich

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