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Swan Lake

Boardwalk at Swan Lake in Victoria, BC.

Boardwalk at Swan Lake in Saanich, Victoria, BC.

Swan Lake is a thriving nature sanctuary in Victoria’s suburban backyard. Not only does it boast a wide variety of plants, animals, birds, and insects, it also has great walking trails, a floating boardwalk, and an interpretive Nature House to help you explore the nature of the area.

Trail around Swan Lake in the Snow.  Victoria, BC.

Trail around Swan Lake in the Snow.

The Nature House at Swan Lake, run by the Swan Lake Christmas Hill Nature Sanctuary, features aquariums with painted turtles and lizards as well as a reading room with an impressive collection of books on the flora and fauna of the Victoria area.

The shores of Swan Lake are a marshy habitat with cattails and duckweed providing food and refuge for a wide variety of waterfowl as well as muskrats, river otters, and mink. The trees surrounding the lake are inhabited by wrens, warblers, and other song birds. Great- horned owls and peregrines can sometimes be seen above, hunting over the marsh.


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