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Explore the outdoors
learn about nature and local history
with this unique guide.


A mockup showing the front and back covers of the Lakes of Victoria, BC guidebook.



“Delightful and enchanting…  this lovely book, contains numerous interesting facts on freshwater ecosystems.

Dragonflies, for example, spend much of their life underwater, non-native freshwater jellyfish about the size of your thumbnail live in Killarney Lake, and the harmful (often poisonous) blue-green algae “blooms” are not actually algae at all — the bloom is a bacteria called cyanobacteria, one of the oldest life forms on earth.

The book also contains historical information — it’s said that there’s a piano at the bottom of Florence Lake, while Swan Lake, now home to a popular environmental educational centre and nature trail, exhibits good Feng Shui… with balanced geographical aspects including the shape of the lake.”

Anny Scoones

Times Colonist


Enjoy lakeside strolls & boardwalks.


Discover single-track trails & scenic views.


Find the best beaches to soak up the sun.


Learn about stocking trends and piers.


Explore shorelines, and hidden bays.


Plan your next route and hit the trails.

Along the way you will meet the animals and plants that call these lakes and watersheds home, unearth forgotten place names, and learn stories of days past.

This book is full of useful maps, access information, and local trivia to get you started on your next family day or great adventure.

From locals to visitors, everyone will learn something new about the freshwater lakes that bring Victoria to life.