The Lakes of Victoria, BC guidebook is a practical reference guide to everything you always wanted to know about Victoria’s lakes, and many things you didn’t know you wanted to know!

You can use it to find lakes to hike, walk, swim, fish, or paddle, and you’ll learn about local plants, animals, and history on the way.

The full book includes descriptions for 31 lakes from Saanich to the Malahat and Sooke. accompanied with topographical trail maps, a ‘Lakes 101’ section, reference tables, and an index.

Trail maps

Topographical map of Matheson Lake

Know where to go, and how to get there. The topographical maps show the difference between major trails and minor ones, along with roads, access points, beaches, creeks, and other landmarks.


Stars at Matheson Lake

Striking portraits from local photographers including Murray Sharratt, Doug Clement, Mike J. Munroe, and Monty Wiseman are featured throughout the book.


Black and white illustrations by Leechtown Design of the plants, animals, and natural phenomena of Victoria’s lakes and watersheds are interspersed between the descriptions of the lakes, truly bringing the book to life.

About the author

Adam Ungstad is a Canadian writer, naturalist, and information architect. He is legally blind, and has been researching Vancouver Island’s lakes, nature, and local history for over 15 years.

Adam Ungstad has previously worked as an editor and writer for the World Health Organization, and currently splits his time between Geneva, Switzerland and Canada’s west coast.

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