Quietly shimmering away in the heart of Metchosin, Blinkhorn Lake Nature Park is an ideal place for a quiet stroll to admire the surrounding forest. There are no developed facilities such as picnic tables or benches, and likewise no beach at the lake, but a couple of rooty and forested access points provide pleasant places for a pause and reflection.





Creeks & Watershed

Blinkhorn Lake is part of the Veitch Creek watershed. An unnamed creek on the west side of the lake is the primary outflow, which joins Veitch Creek. Veitch Creek flows southwards and empties into Hutchinson Cove in the Sooke Basin.

Local History

Blinkhorn Lake takes its name from an enterprising and free-spirited couple, Thomas and Anne Blinkhorn. The Blinkhorns set foot on Vancouver Island in 1851, and along with James Cooper are considered the first truly independent settlers of the island – that is, they were the first settlers who were not direct employees of the Hudson’s Bay Company. Before arriving with in Vancouver Island, Thomas Blinkhorn spent time in Australia (as a convict), which may have influenced the naming of Kangaroo Road.

Blinkhorn Lake was originally set aside by the Capital Regional District as a potential water supply, but then transferred to the municipality of Metchosin as parkland in 1998.



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