At 61 hectares in size, Langford Lake is one of the larger lakes in the Victoria area. It has many facilities and a variety of access points for great swimming and fishing opportunities. A boat launch on Landing Lane ensures access for kayaks, canoes, and boats with electric motors.

The main beach is a delight for families and the Ed Nixon Trail offers a boardwalk for a chance to get above the water, with options to connect to other municipal trails further along. The north and east sides of Langford Lake are largely taken up by residences, but there are a few pocket parks that provide additional access to the water, some of which have limited parking and can be used to launch a carry-in boat.

Langford Lake is a favourite for fishing, offering good sized rainbow trout, cutthroat trout, and smallmouth bass. If you don’t have a boat, there is a small fishing dock found along the Ed Nixon Trail, about 300 meters south of the boat launch.





Creeks & Watershed

While it seems difficult to separate Langford Lake from its neighbours – Glen Lake and Florence Lake – the three are actually in separate watersheds. Before the construction of the Esquimalt and Nanaimo (E&N) railway in the 1880s, water from Langford Lake moved to Glen Lake and then continued southwards. Today, however, water from Langford Lake empties into Finlayson Arm to the north. Langford Lake is part of the Goldstream River watershed.

Local History

Langford Lake takes its name from Captain Edward Langford, who arrived in Victoria in 1851. He was tasked with managing a 200-acre farm for a subsidiary of the Hudson’s Bay Company and was known for welcoming visitors as a means of finding potential suitors for his five daughters.

The construction of the E&N railway in the 1880s drove many more visitors to the Langford area. Many passengers would never have known about Langford Lake, however, as it was hidden from view behind dense forest.

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