Perched high on Triangle Mountain is Lookout Lake Park, a local favourite for swimming, picnics, and shoreline fishing. The popularity of this small municipal park is best evidenced by a sign at the Batting Place park entrance that reads “No Rope Swings Permitted.”

While Lookout Lake is well-known for family-friendly shoreline fishing, humans aren’t the only ones that enjoy the trout in the lake: watch for eagles as they swoop down to catch their next meal. Bring the kids and enjoy an afternoon in the sun with easy access to the water.





Creeks & Watershed

Lookout Lake is part of the Bilston Creek watershed. Water leaves the lake via the Lookout Brook and passes through Pritchard Creek and Bilston Creek before emptying into Witty’s Lagoon. The original Lookout Brook Dam was built in 1958 and then upgraded in 2020.



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